Special White ( MERDJAN ) Sarplaninac puppies for sale

Breed: Sarplaninac Category: Puppies for sale Price: 500.00€ Age: up to six months Posted on : 06/19/2013
Janos Klemm
Suha's Kid Sarplaninac "H" litter. Date of birth: 22/05/2013. 6 puppies. 4 white females and 2 grey males. Father: Hori-Vihor Suvodo (Gari x Elina Klejica Ste-Kot North). Origin: Montenegro/Crna Gora, Kennel Suvodo. Mother: Luna. (Apis-Strikan x Peca Delijska Od Bobana). Imported from Montenegro, born in Serbia, Nis (Stojanovic Stojan). PUPPIES ARE AVAILABLE!!! www.suhaskid.eu suhaskid@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/Suhaskid/about https://www.facebook.com/janiklemm I am contact person for Nikoletta Mezey, I just help her!

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